Prof. Publio S. Colmenares B.

Shaddai Aur Elyon
(Shaddai Santiago)
Metaphysical Philosopher and Writer

Prof. Publio S. Colmenares B.

Born in the city of Caracas, Venezuela in 1950, he is an empirical metaphysical philosopher, instructed and trained in the ancient teachings of the Master Builders, whose knowledge is part of the so-called Oral Tradition of the West. He currently serves as Executive Director of the Uxor's program for the diffusion of ancient archetypal astrology. Today, he is one of the few survivors of his generation, heirs and continuers of the ancient tradition of Royal Art; a tradition from ancient Greece, transmitted exclusively to a select group of his students at the Academy of Athens, by the great Greek philosopher Aristocles of Athens, better known as Plato.

Royal Art is a philosophical, metaphysical, and holistic teaching, mentioned but not publicly revealed by Plato, in his dialogues “Eutidemus” or “The Discusser” and “The Politician” or “On Royalty”; and bequeathed to posterity, also in a private and traditional way, by his disciple and second successor in the Academy, the philosopher, Xenocrates of Sicyon.

For decades, he has carried out an intense teaching activity, promulgating among his students and disciples the importance of learning the laws of nature and self-knowledge as a way of personal improvement and the development of self-awareness.

He has vast knowledge and mastery of the Initiatory Kabbalah and the archetypes that model human behavior.

Among his contributions to the field of metaphysical philosophy, in addition to the books he has published ( Amazon, Google Play, Smashwords ), are the following research and developments (until now unpublished or circulating only among his most advanced disciples):

  • The 23rd letter of the Aramaic and Hebrew alephato.
  • The Initiatory Kabala.
  • The third Way of Initiatory Alchemy.
  • The AinBekar-Hidden Characters.
  • The Malachim-Hidden Characters.
  • The authentic colors of the Lamen or Hermetic Rosycruz.
  • The Universal Archetype.
  • Card XXIII of the Initiatory Tarot.
  • The Initiatory Tarot and the 23 paths.
  • The Archetypal Astral Chart.
  • The Luni-Solar Archetypal Astrology
  • The archetypal vocational report.
  • The Practical Guide to Building a Harmonious Archetypal Relationship.
  • The demonstration through Sacred Geometry, of the Square of the Circle. (Note)
  • The uncovering of quatrain 72 of the 10th century of the Prophecies of Nostradamus.
  • The uncovering of the message contained in the Mayan Calendar (or the end of times).
  • The uncovering of the hidden message in the New Testament, about the end of post-diluvian civilization.
  • The uncovering of the Templar symbolism of the Great Roman Sepulcher and its cover, The Ostra; deposit of the inheritance of the dead.
  • The hidden meaning of the Way of St James and the pilgrimage through the field of stars (Compostela).

Prof. Publio S. Colmenares B., has published in the web portal: The Line of Saint James, a series of 23 articles addressed to the Initiates of the Aquarian Age with the purpose of making them aware of the task that is theirs to perform in the times to come.